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New methodologies to avoid early school leaving is a project developed by six schools which are interested in finding new ways of working with students ,who are in need of different approaches in a educational level.

These schools belong to Italy, Hungary, Greece, Croatia, Latvia and Spain. There have been four Short-term exchanges of groups of pupils in which students and teachers had the opportunity to work on different topics. Besides these meeting, teachers had the opportunity to work together in some transnational meeting where they put in common outputs and outcomes 

There were  a series of priorities such as open and innovative practices  in a digital era, supporting schools to tackle early school leaving (ESL) and disadvantage and promoting the acquisition of skills and competences

In this website it is possible to find all the information about the work done with the hope of serving  as motivation to set off new projects. 

There has been huge collaboration among partners and the sustainability is assured  thanks to the positive environment created during the last two years.

Educational video, blended classrooms, robotics, modeling and 3d printing are the topics developed  in the project apart from the cross-curricular subjects. It has been a complete success due to the interest shown by all the participants.


Participating in this project provided special experience in the area that was new for our students and teachers. We have never before dealt with robotics, 3D printing, and similar interesting activities. It was joyful to see students developing new interests and teachers implementing new methods in their lessons. However, the most important outcome in my opinion is the international experience both students and teachers acquired. Teachers were able to exchange good practice and students learned important life skills, they learned about different lifestyles and made new friends

across Europe.


Natalija Moškatelo
English Teacher in Hvar. Croatia


“New Methodologies to avoid early school leaving” has been my first Erasmus+ project. It´s been a great experience to participate in mixed groups with international activities in different countries. It was also a great challenge to organize a full week meeting for about 50 students and teachers in Athens in November 2018. 

I and the Greek teachers who participated in the project had the chance to meet colleagues from other countries, get to know different educational systems, new educational cross-curricular approaches on many subjects and introduce new technologies in our teaching.

 Students had the opportunity to make new friends, live and work together  with students from other countries, see and follow the customs and the way of living of other countries and work on future technologies. The most important fact was, that at the end of every meeting the students of all countries formed a big family and wished they had one more week together.

The impact to local society was also great. All the project activities were published in local media and presented in school events.The families gradually overcame the fear of having their children hosted in other countries and are now more open to new projects, collaborations and exchanges. Finally, all the parents and the local authorities made very positive comments about the Erasmus events that took place in Greece and abroad.

For our school it was also the first international project which contained transfers of students and teachers. We gained experience which will be valuable in future projects.’ 

Overall the project exceeded our expectations!

Panagiotis Georgalas

Athens, Greece

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My name is Jusztina Pap-Mednyánszki and I have been responsible for coordinating our project in Hungary.As a head of language department,

Ihave gained wide range of experience in various EU-funded projects and events for a couple of years now. 

What I have learned through our project called New methodoligies to avoid early school leaving? 

•Understanding othercultures and ways of thinking

•Learning new, 21 century skills that we couldadapt to our lessons

•The importance of cooperation and getting in touch English.

It has been our second experience of an Erasmus project.
The experience has been wonderful not only for the school, the students and the teachers involved, but also for the families and for the town itself.
The project has made it possible to know new teaching methods and has made it possible and compulsory to use them, meditating on the possible advantages, results, obstacles resulting from their introduction in the teaching routine of our schools.
Thanks to the different mobilities we’ve had the opportunity to visit new countries, new educational systems, new ways of facing difficulties and finding a solution to the common problem of early school leaving.
The teachers have met other teachers and have compared their own working reality to the one of other nearer or farther countries.
The students have met new peers, have visited different schools and have experienced a new idea of “family life” and daily routine.
The families have started to understand better the idea of hosting and being hosted.
The different methods proposed and widely discussed in the meetings have been successfully welcome by both teachers and students.
The European dimension of the project has been widely appreciated and has left a permanent mark on our life as teachers and students but, above all, as citizens.
Grazia Tripodi
Language teacher in Guidonia High school

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I’m always happy to participate in meaningful projects, where the project team can deliver useful project outcomes and “New methodologies to avoid early school leaving” is one of the best project examples. During the project students and teachers learned a lot about creating videos and book trailers, robotics and coding, 3D design and printing, flipped classroom. Besides the project activities Erasmus projects are important for learning about other cultures and lifestyle, communication, collaboration, building new friendships and developing new ideas for future projects. Great experience for students is hosting students from other countries in their families and also to be hosted themselves. If students have tried the Erasmus opportunities ones, they seek for other chances to be involved in other projects or develop their own Youth projects. Students gain more self-confidence and motivation to be more socially active.

For the school was this project important, because of exchanging lot of methodologies and prove which are efficient for students. We were glad to share our experience of 3D design and modelling, to encourage project partners to use it in their study process, and for us was important to see the chances of robotic tools, to involve it in our study process. 

The most important goal we’ve reached is the collaboration between teachers and students of partner schools and I’m sure we will develop some other activities also in the future. New people, new colleagues, new friends, changed experience and emotions, new ideas and inspiration for the future.

Erasmus = impulse and inspiration!

Inga Vasermane  Project coordinator, Liepaja Rainis secondary school Nr.6 (LATVIA)

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